Certification News

we are Zola Suite Certifed

  • Best-In-Class Cloud Case Management

  • Robust Billing, Accounting & Reporting

  • Intelligent Email Management

  • Billing and Accounting

  • Built-in CRM Tools

NetDocuments - we proudly support NetDocuments and are happy to announce our certification as a NetDocuments Partner

What does it mean for you?

Some of the major NetDocuments Benefits:


  • NetDocuments allows you to easily create, view, edit, and share documents on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device without having to worry that you are putting your clients’ data at risk.


  • A single click files most of your email. Thanks to powerful predictive filing engine, Netdocs take the tedium out of managing your mailbox. Filing on send means none of the recipients have to do any filing.


  • Share documents inside and outside your organization with the assurance that you will always have control over who has access to your sensitive content.

The ProfitPoint Group 

Legal Software Support​

for Law Firms and Agencies

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