Trail Litigators Law Firm Billing & Management Software

As a Certified Independent Consultant (CIC) for Timeslips®, Time Matters®, and Billing Matters™, PCLaw®, Amicus Attorney®, netdocuments, Zola Suite and Cosmolex software, we are able to recommend the best product to suit your needs. 


We install and customize your software for your needs. After implementation, we fully support these systems with customized staff training and seamless tech support.  Our proven approach directly increases client profitability while reducing your time spent managing the practice.


Tom Busch established PPG in 1985. Since then our singular focus remains on giving very personalized attention to each of our clients in the time-critical and information-intensive practice of law.

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What We Do

The ProfitPoint Group, Inc. simplifies the complex process of selecting and implementing practice management and billing systems for small- to medium-sized law firms and legal agencies in all states.


Specialties: Training, support and implementation services for Time Matters, Amicus Attorney, PC Law, Firm Manager, HotDocs, Timeslips, SQL Reporting Services and Crystal Reports for custom reporting on SQL databases; providing HotDocs support and document assembly services.


Software Selection

Need help choosing?  Don't know which system will fit your firm the best?  Talk with us before you make the decision. We help countless firms choose the best software that meets your needs.


Need your software installed correctly the first time?  Hire our Certified Consultants.  We've done it hundreds of times; you'll be productive and improve your processes and find more billable hours every day.


Training is the single most critical factor in achieving the highest productivity gains possible. This training translates into a faster return on your investment. Based upon this observation, we customize our training for you.

Onsite Support

Worksite analysis, onsite walkthrough, floor support for your staff, custom training classes, lunch 'n learn, data workshops with your data - which ever way you select - we'll help you get there

​Remote Support

Rapidly having become the most efficient way to solve challenges and obtain pointed knowledge, remote services via GoToMeeting, LogMeIn, Join.Me, ShowMyPC and Team Viewer will quickly help your team learn

Data Conversions

Data conversions can be complicated; we have performed countless imports and transfers from many different platforms.

Our services are based on a flat fee and record-based data.

The ProfitPoint Group 

Legal Software Support​

for Law Firms and Agencies

RI: 401-658-0772
CA: 949-467-9308
NY: 716-568-5602
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