Timeslips Update

Purchase version 2020 until 9/30/2020
only available through Certified Consultants

Timeslips is moving to a subscription-only model – buy now before that happens and save big!

Timeslips is moving to a subscription-only model – invest now and save for years

After the 2020 version, Timeslips will move to a subscription-only model later this year, and this promo is your best value.  Don’t get stuck paying every year via subscription!


New features in Timeslips 2020 include –


  • Unapplied Funds Search

  • Create a reverse payment from an existing payment

  • Apply a credit to all open invoices

  • Pay invoices from the A/R list

  • Simplify bill filtering

  • Move to a specific page on previewed reports

  • Integration with LawPay – and for this promotion only when referred by me – get 3 months of LawPay FREE!

  • Set up Billing Reminders for specific clients

  • Utilize single location “Quick Bill” slip entry for fast client creation and billing – especially good for clients who come in for a consultation, pay on the spot and you’re done!

  • Add “Client Contacts” to specific client information – examples include opposing parties, spouses, accountants, partners, etc.  The options are limitless!

  • Easily locate unapplied money and unfinalized billing arrangements

  • Type ‘Search’ for the entire report list to find frequently used reports

  • Assign up to 10 timekeepers for Fee Allocations

  • Enter time in a Day View Slip Entry (timesheet)

  • Mark ‘complete’ for all time entered through eCenter directly in Timeslips

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